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Omnidirectional Active Antenna. Receives VHF and UHF signals from all directions. No need for adjustment even when vehicle is moving.

The housing is aerodynamically designed using high-impact material, UV protected and weatherproofed.

Available in two mounting options to work with flat roofs or rounded roofs.

Omni Antenna Model 3500

SKU: 702225
  • Frequency: 54-806MHz

    FM Trap: 88-108 MHz

    Gain:         VHF: 16dBiL

                     UHF: 21 dBiL

    Impedance: 75 Ohms

    Power requirements: 12V DC, 90mA

    Weatherproof Housing, UV protected

    Diameter:  Antenna: 21.5''

                     Base: 10.25''

    Weight:     5 lbs